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Types of paper shredders


Strip-Cut Shredders

With Strip-Cut Shredders, paper can be shredded to fine and long strings. The major advantage of this machine is it’s speed. The shreds of paper it produces have more quality than other machines, however, this can be a flaw. This is because of lower security in comparison to Micro-Cut shredding.


Micro-Cut Shredders

If you are looking for irreversible and unreadable paper output that has high level of security, Micro-Cut Shredders are your best option. However, based on size of output, their prices vary. Their speed is less than Strip-Cut shredders.


Another kind of paper shredder

The latest version of paper shredders, is Kobra Shredder. It has more capacity and can shred more paper. Also because of the technology used in it, it’s more secure.

This kind of paper shredder has been recently reinvented and manufactured by Ofshid Pioneers of Today and is currently available in the market.

امحاء دستگاه های ذخیره کننده اطلاعات
امحاء دستگاه های ذخیره کننده اطلاعات
امحاء دستگاه های ذخیره کننده اطلاعات