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Semi-industrial Paper Shredder


This is a secure and totally flexible paper shredder for you accompanied by a reasonable price.

If you are looking for a way to destroy documents with a high level of security, need to shred a large volume of paper or don’t want to allocate a big budget for a document/device disintegrator, PTO-KN-P3 is the right option for you alongside it’s high power and high capability in shredding all kinds of paper.  It is completely made in Iran with help of Ofshid Pioneers of Today experts.


This paper shredder is powerful and standard. It also destroys floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, PVC cards and USBs. It has a 44 cm opening feed that can accept all kinds of paper in various sizes and even crumpled paper. A 4000w motor is in the machine and various kinds of security options such as overheating protection systems, hand detection safety sensor, … can be included.


This machine can be manufactured as Micro-cut or Strip-cut and their blades are from first grade material with high durability.



♦ Reasonable price and high value

A powerful shredder

♦Can shred paper, CD, floppy disks, USB, drawing pin, credit and magnetic cards in large volumes

♦ Shredded papers can be long strips

♦ Repair and maintenance services

♦ Spare parts can be provided by seller company

♦ Various manual and automatic commands

♦ Safety sensors for protection of operator and raising machine’s efficiency

♦ Made in Iran


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کاغذ خردکن نیمه صنعتی


Technical specifications
Model PTO-KN-P3
Disintegrates Paper, CD, Floppy disk, Drawing pin, USB
Shred type Micro-type
DIN 66399 level of security 3 - 6
Shred size (mm) 4 * 40
Ability to destroy up to (HDD) 80
Throat Width (cm) 440
Speed (mm/s) 210
Sound level (dB) 55
Power (KW) 4
Voltage (V) 400
Frequency (Hz) 50
Weight (Kg) 260
Output weight (Kg/h) 150
Height (cm) 160
Width & length (cm) ۷۵ * ۶۶
Improvable options Touch screen

Hand detection safety sensor (motion-image)

Changeable engine speed

Overheating protection

Can limit machine operators and

Assign passwords for each

Shows blades involved in the process