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Repair and Maintenance of Machines


Because of security and safety reasons, it’s vital that information disintegration devices are always on standby and ready to work without any delays or problems. disintegration machines are electronical and electromechanical. The first group are Erasures and Degaussers.


The second group are shredders, hard destroyers, grinders. Because of having movable parts and being in contact with outside materials (paper, cardboards, plastics) makes them depreciated thus need periodic repair and maintenance.


The most important factor in prolonging the lifespan of disintegrators is observing and changing how operators work with them. The following can help and are necessary:

1- Just letting standard items through

2- Don’t insert more than capacity

3- Letting machines rest every time machine is used for a long time


Blades of hard destroyers and paper shredders wear out the most. One way to increase their lifespan and their sharpness is lubricating them regularly. (To gain information about lubrication of paper shredders, please click here).


When blades lose their sharpness and wear out, this causes problems in operating, motor and transmission malfunction. Sharpening the blades can be done by our experts and the frequency of that is based on blades’ raw material, usage duration, quantity of input.


Motor and transmission systems are the most important parts of every disintegration machine. Regarding the amount of input and pressure that is on them every time they are used, it’s not unusual for them to have functioning problems from time to time. Regular periodic inspections in addition to operator’s attention and precision, can lower the maintenance costs.


Flaws can occur in buttons, control system and power transmission areas. These flaws are generally caused by power fluctuations or misusing the machine.