Ofshid Pioneers of Today is ready to accept data destruction services from organizations

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Paper shredding


Every day documents and papers in offices and organizations accumulate quickly. Perhaps you would be able to throw them away as whole or if security of data is important, you could shred them with a small office paper shredder. however, keep in mind that even disclosure of one secret document can be extremely harmful.


Sometimes instead of quires of paper, you are dealing with a massive archive of documents that a small paper shredder cannot be able to shred. In these situations, we need a big paper shredder with high power able to shred reams of paper. We call them Industrial Paper Shredders.



کاغذ خورد شده

Industrial paper shredding machines have high power and need a large empty space in offices. therefore, purchasing them isn’t always a wise decision. Sometimes it’s better to ask for shredding services.


Ofshid Pioneers of Today Co. is ready to accept one time or periodic paper destruction services from all organizations, companies, publishing and educational institutes, embassies, universities, schools, …


Document destruction other than aspect of security, is important for paper recycling as well. Documents that their destruction should be considered are: office file folders, paper wastes, invoices and bills, exam papers, office data, published books, ….

Advantages of using our services:

♦ Giving service in customer’s location

♦ Data destruction with various levels of security

♦ Provider of packaging services

♦ Efficient paper recycling

♦ Can scan and archive your information before shredding it

♦ Highest levels of security throughout all processes


For shredding your documents and papers, before making your final decision, you can contact our experts in Ofshid Pioneers of Today Co. to talk about your company’s needs and express your concerns.