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Paper Shredder Maintenance and Lubrication


Your paper shredder may have become slow or it may had made strange noises. After some such incidents, the thought of repairing or replacing it may have occurred to anyone. However, these difficulties occur because paper dust can be congregated between moving pieces of blades and it can be simply prevented and solved by lubrication.

Paper and hard shredders’ opening feed and blades need to be cleaned. It causes less depreciation and lengthens machine’s life span. Regular lubrication with standard oils, also keeps blades sharp for a longer period of time. Moreover, it lowers the pressure on motor.

But how and when should we do this?

Best time to lubricate is after every time it’s tank is completely full or after an intensive use. This way blades work smoothly and their life span extends. However, if you are using one of the most secure machines or Micro-Cut ones, lubricate more often.


Please note:

          ♦ lubricate the machine after every intensive use or after tanks become full.

          ♦ For lubrication, just use materials recommended by the manufacturer


You can read about two easy methods of lubrication in the following:


Direct method:

Direct method means injecting oil directly in the opening feed of machine. It’s better to use a bottle or an object that pours oil on the blades slowly and in a narrow line, not any other place.

          1.First hold Reverse button in order for the blades to turn for 10 seconds in the opposite direction.

          2.turn off the shredder. (unplug the power cord)

          3.pour the lubricant slowly directly in the opening feed from left to right.

          4.turn on the shredder and let it run for 30 seconds without inserting any paper.

          5.lubrication is done.


Indirect method:

In this method, first pour oil on a sheet of A4, then wait for it to be absorbed. Then put another A4 on it.

The instructions are as follows:

          1.you need 2 sheets of A4.

          2.pour a narrow line of oil (crisscross lines, from the top left-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner) on a sheet of paper. Be careful not to pour too much oil.

          3.let the oil be absorbed.

          4.put another A4 on the oily part of the first paper.

          5.first, hold Reverse button in order for blades to turn in opposite direction.

          6.put the settings back to normal mode.

          7.now put the two pieces of paper that you prepared in the machine and shred them.

          8.put the machine to Reverse mode for 30 seconds and let it run.

          9.lubrication is done.

The second method is easier and more secure than the first method. Please make sure to consult with manufacturer or seller of the product before starting the process.