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How to choose a suitable paper shredder?


Using a paper shredder is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent data being leaked. Today there are different kinds of these shredders in different sizes, security levels, power and other specifications available in the market. In this article we introduce various machines and also ways to choose the right one.


What is the best shredder?

The most important and essential criterion for choosing a paper shredder or any other disintegrator is that it is suitable to your needs and usage. This is important, however without a doubt quality of the machine should be considered. Quality of blades and engine power are some factors that should be considered before buying the machine.

Another considerable factor is Guarantee and after-sales services.

What kind of shredder is right for you?

The effects of a good shredding process in assuring security of your documents can be underestimated. Deciding what kind of shredder to buy is extremely important.

Paper shredding machines are considered either Micro-cut or Cross-cut. The first one is more secure than the second method, however, cross-cut shredding and the produced strips (especially industrial paper shredding machines) can be used in packaging industry, so value is added to shredded paper.

Micro-cut shredders that make powder are the most secure. They shred paper to smallest possible sizes,  the same size as point of your finger.

Kobra Industrial Paper Shredder does another kind of paper shredding and has the ability to shred paper even more (cotton like). It is so powerful that can separate threads of paper so no trace of written text will remain.


Which size is more appropriate for you?

To choose from office and industrial paper shredders, you first have to consider the amount of paper that you need to destroy. Moreover, huge paper shredders cause a lot of noise and demand bigger space. They need three-phase electric power. So, there is a link between volume of paper and size of the machine.

On the other hand, maybe an office paper shredder does not meet your needs, you want to destroy a large volume of paper at once or can’t afford industrial or semi-industrial machines. In this case, you can use disintegration services. These services are useful when shredding is not regular or you can’t afford to buy a machine yourself.

What other details should you consider?

Paper shredders sometimes can also shred CD and DVDs. Sometimes you need to shred cardboard too. So, you should consider it’s ability to shred paper with high GSM. Another thing to consider is it’s ability to destroy bank or ID cards. If most of your data is stored on hard disks, then paper shredders are not useful and you need to purchase a Hard Drive Disintegrator.

Moreover, please pay attention to security specifications. The machine should be designed to never be on when operator’s hand is near it’s blades. To avoid any harm to the engine, machine should be turned off automatically when a change in voltage is occurred. Ask other available safety options from the machine’s seller.


Pay attention to guarantee and after-sales services.

Paper and hard shredders work under high load therefore need repair and maintenance or sharpening. Most companies do not guarantee these kinds of devices so please make sure to choose a company that provides after-sales services and guarantees. This is essential for these kinds of machines because after long duration and high usage, some of their parts such as blades need to be replaced or be repaired.