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Ofshid Industrial Paper Shredder


Ofshid industrial paper shredder is our company’s most powerful manufactured paper shredder. It’s powerful ability in shredding paper is the reason that makes it an ultimate solution. It is the result of reinvention and improvement of Kobra Cyclone Industrial Shredder made by an Italian company named Kobra.


Kobra Cyclone is a machine with exceptional design and function. In addition to destroying large volumes of paper, it can destroy CD, DVD, Blu-rays, floppy disks, credit cards, cartons, boxes and even aluminum bottles. It’s special mechanism does not need lubrication. This uniqueness was the reason our company chose to reinvent and manufacture it.


Ofshid Industrial Paper Shredder was reinvented in Iran and is currently being manufactured in Iran. The power of the original machine hasn’t changed and also some additional functions have been added to it for improvement. The most prominent change is the improvement of blades.


This machine has 5 mixing blades. These blades are made from the family of coil spring steels. Their machining is done by CNC milling tools and stone then induction hardening. Blades have high shredding speed and flexibility. So, under pressure they can shred better. They are double edged blades which are much different from the original and can cut in two directions. Because of high quality production, blades can be sharpened for at least 10 times.



کاغذ خردکن صنعتی
کاغذ خردکن صنعتی

Ofshid Industrial Paper Shredder is powerful enough to shred 500 sheets of (70 gsm) A4 simultaneously with a high speed. It can also be named paper powdering machine. To minimize dust created in the process, a vacuum cleaner is added. It works when the device is turned on and works even after the machine is turned off. It clears the environment of any paper dust.


Size of output disintegrated papers depending on the settings can be 1×1 or 22× mm after operator replacing of a special part (metal mesh).

Machine’s spectacular design increases security (both the machine and the operator). In addition, noise pollution is significantly less than similar machines.

This machine is environment friendly. It’s method of cutting and mixing powders doesn’t have a negative effect on paper’s texture. The remains are much more suitable for recycling that other machines’ paper waste. Not using lubricants keeps quality and natural texture of paper.


Ofshid Industrial Paper Shredder is equipped with cyclone packaging system. This system transfers pieces of shredded paper with the help of air pressure to an attached bag. It is capable of compressing approximately 60 KG of paper in each bag. It’s also equipped with thermal protector and works with three-phase electric power. Compared to the produced power, it weighs only 260 KG and is considered light. Machine’s length and width is 80×210 cm and it's height is 220 cm.

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