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Office paper shredder

This office paper shredder has the capability to shred documents with great power and is one the best available models in Iran’s market. This machine can shred up to 10 A4 sheets per pass into superfine particles and also disintegrate CDs and DVDs. This device has Security Level: DIN P-4 from Standard DIN-66399 (A standard for shredding or destruction of media) and is a Micro-cut paper shredder.


One of the advantages of this small paper shredder is it’s feed opening and also it’s separate containers for CDs and papers. Moreover, it’s convenient size, weighing only 20 KG, makes it usable in any kind of environment and can be easily moved. Low noise and vibration are the other advantages that make this machine distinct from competitors.



♦ Convenient price and high value

♦ Small and light

♦ High shredding power regarding it’s size

♦ Separate feed openings and containers for CD/DVD and paper

♦ Automatic start and finish function

♦ Alarms when containers are full

♦ Stops automatically in the event of a jam

♦ Has low noise and is eco-friendly


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کاغذخردکن اداری

Technical specifications
Model PTO-KE-P4
Disintegrates Paper, CD, DVD, Floppy disks, Drawing-pin
Shred type Micro-type
DIN 66399 level of security DIN-P4
Shred size (mm) 9 * 2
Shreds up to 10 (A4)
Throat Width (cm) 30
Speed (mm/s) 60
Sound level (dB) 55
Power (W) 200
Voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 50
Weight (kg) 20
Height (cm) 59
Width & length (cm) 36 * 39
Capabilities Has a market indicating that the storage is full
Will stop the process in the event of paper jam
Automatic and manual reverse command