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Industrial paper shredder


If you are looking for a perfect paper shredder fulfilling all your expectations, a device that can destroy documents with high level of security or a machine that has a reasonable price and yet is powerful, PTO-KS-P2/6 is all you need as it can annihilate powerfully without the need to be lubricated and letting any dust out. This potent Kobra paper shredder, sounds like a big vacuum machine.


This paper shredder is 100% made in Iran.


Despite it’s size and market price, This is the most powerful available paper shredder in the world. It’s opening feed is 22×32 cm wide so it puts the least restriction in choosing paper sizes to shred.


It consists of a 7500 watt motor and extremely sharp blades that provide the possibility of shredding up to 500 sheets of 70 gsm A4 sized papers simultaneously.


Without needing to be lubricated, it can shred up to 3 tons of paper in a day. It’s vacuuming system allows the operator to breathe in a dust free environment.


Positive aspects:

Reasonable price and high value

A powerful shredder

Has a vacuuming system to decrease created dust

Transfers remaining pieces to a 400 liter storage unit at the back of the machine

Compactor can be added

Machine’s speed and security level can be modified

Affordable repairing and maintenance

Blades can easily be changed

Two edged blades for engine’s sweeping motion

Usage of internal noise-cancelling layers to reduce overall noise

Heat and movement protector for engine

 Made in Iran


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کاغذ خردکن صنعتی


Technical specifications
Model PTO-KS-P2/6
Disintegrates Paper, CD, DVD, Floppy disks, USB, Drawing-pin
Shred type Micro-type
DIN 66399 level of security 2 - 6
Shred size (mm) Optional from 10*10 mm to 2* mm
Shreds up to 500 (A4)
Throat Width (cm) 325 * 220
Speed (mm/s) 200 – 500
Sound level (dB) 80
Power (W) 7.5
Voltage (V) 400
Frequency (Hz) 50
Weight (kg) 260
Output weight (kg/h) Up to 500 (based on output settings) 200
Height (cm) 220
Width & length (cm) 80 * 210
Capabilities Touch screen control system


Hand detection safety sensor (motion-image)


Engine overheating prevention


Engine speed selection


Can limit machine operators and assign passwords for each


Shows blades involved in the process