Ofshid Pioneers of Today is ready to accept data destruction services from organizations

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Disintegrating data storage devices


Nowadays with technological progresses, reams of archived papers are replaced with large piles of hard disks, CDs, DVDs and other devices for storing data. On the other hand, data restoring abilities have made safe destruction of data on CDs, DVDs, hard disks unavoidable.


Regarding the importance of data integrating, different kinds of hard destroyers (semi-industrial or industrial), insured data wiping tools, degaussers and other kinds of hard drive shredders have been designed and manufactured for both SSD and HDD hards.


Ofshid Pioneers of Today in addition to selling data disintegrating machines, has established a department just for data destruction services.


We know the sensitivity of your information’s security and will meet your needs.

In the field of digital document destruction we have these special offers:


♦ Can disintegrate all kinds of HDD, SSD, CD


♦ Disintegration from the lowest to highest levels of security


♦ Your representative can be present in the process


♦ Highest possible security in the processes


♦ Can recycle created wastes with reasonable fees


♦ Can provide services to customers in their location


Before making any decisions, for acquiring detailed information please contact our experts and discuss the matter with them.