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Hard Drive Degausser


This is a simple solution that needs minimal space requirements, which also allows for its use in an office environment.When degaussing, the storage media are flooded with a very strong magnetic field that far exceeds their own magnetic force. The short and strong pulse erases the data on the hard disk.


» A quiet and compact solution to sanitize magnetic media
» Accessing data before archiving becomes impossible
» Shielded, no magnetic influence on surroundings
» Will only take 60 seconds to delete data

دستگاه امحاء اطلاعات مغناطیسی

Technical specifications
Model PTO-ME-T8000
Disintegrates HDD
Magnetic Field (T) 0.8
DIN 66399 level of security 3
Maximum Media Size (mm) 380 * 149 * 109
Ability to destroy up to (HDD) 1
Speed (s) 60
Power (KW) 3
Voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 50
Weight (Kg) 19
Height (cm) 19
Width & length (cm) 45 * 31