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Annihilation of cards and it’s security


Nowadays people have various kinds of cards in their wallets or bags: Identification cards, bank cards and others. They differ in size, raw material, usage but they all have high security value for the cardholder. It’s essential that they properly get destroyed when they are not needed. This can be a result of being worn out or simply not being required anymore, however, their value will not decline. Organizations and institutes destroy them after time passes and this requires proper machines and equipments that are suitable based on their texture.


Cards are divided into different types such as PVC cards, magnetic stripe cards, chip cards, hybrid cards and others. On the other hand, as mentioned, their data’s value is miscellaneous.


Cards and documents should be destroyed with extra caution and appropriate equipment and machines. Our company has experience and specialized knowledge in this field and can implement different methods for different circumstances to achieve customer’s full satisfaction.



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