Ofshid Pioneers of Today is ready to accept data destruction services from organizations

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With continuous technology and information progresses around the world, protecting them is a vital task. Not being cautious with information in hand, letting them get stolen or misused can cause companies and organizations a great deal of harm. Nowadays non-governmental and governmental organizations such as banks and companies need to have the necessary machines in order to destroy and wipe out sensitive information entirely and as quickly as possible.


Ofshid Pioneers of Today dedicates it’s efforts to promote domestic production in line with Resistant Economy, employing professional Iranian engineers and experts’ knowledge.


In addition, Ofshid Expansion of Technology with more than 13 years of professional experience in Information and communications technology and holder of Samta Certificate, emphasizes on the importance of eradicating sensitive data and approves the quality of Ofshid Pioneers of Today’s manufactured machines and does the sales, guarantee and after-sales services of them.

Some of quality confirmation letters received from our buyers include :

Export Development Bank of Iran

Bank of Industry and Mine

Telecommunication Company of Iran

Samaneh Gostar Amin Institution



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